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Mark Geiger


Work Flow, Automation Testing, Frameworks, & Development

Development, Frameworks & Ecommerce

I have studied web development and database logic since 2001 and I have worked full time as an IT Technician since the beginning of 2006. I have worked on a range of web sites, from personal, small business, e-commerce, all the way up to enterprise web sites. I have completed work in all aspects of Internet services, including AWS services, domain, DNS, and hosting management.

I use and prefer Symfony as it provides the ability to develop tests, console scripts, and code applications all in one bundle. It is my favorite PHP framework. I have developed using Codeignighter and WordPress, also.

I have set up eCommerce sites using Open Cart, XCart, PayPal, and other frameworks, also.

Work Flow & Automation Testing

I maintain Enterprise level, across Products Acceptance Tests Systems using (selenium + Ruby bindings + cucumber), (Xebium) and (codeception + Atlassian - bamboo) resulting in minimal negative impact to the end users.

(codeception + Atlassian - bamboo) is my favorite automation testing platform. codeception is fairly easy to extend and very powerful.

I use Atlassian JIRA to plan, track, and release great software. (JIRA + Script Runner + groovy), combined with (codeception + Atlassian - bamboo) is a phenomenal recipe for continuous integration! I have used this workflow successfully to deliver applications, in a timely manner, resulting in, minimal negative impact to the end user.

Lastly but far from least, Version Control has been a critical factor in my career. I use and recommend Bitbucket as it gives me full control of my code.