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Mark Geiger


Work Flow, Automation, Frameworks, & Development

Training, Teams and Individuals

I have trained teams and individuals at enterprise level and fast growing startups how to generate, maintain and automate the execution of Codeception Accetpance tests and test suites using Codecepiton, Symfony, Bitbucket, JIRA, and Bamboo.

I developed Symfony command logic to provide the ability to create Cest class templates for core test cases to provide consistancy and standardize tests creation and provide test coverage for critical applications capabilities.

I have set up and provided training on using a standardized workflow in JIRA using Bitbucket to manage tests creation, run tests in a terminal and in Bamboo and check test results to identify and report offending issues.

Automation, Testing Methodology And Frameworks

I maintain Enterprise level acceptance tests systems using Symfony, Selenium, Codeception, JIRA and Bamboo.

I have experience with Ruby bindings, Cucumber, Xebium FitNesse, and Codeception.

I have experience setting up projectes executing and monitoring builds and reporting offending issues that get introduced into systems before deployment AKA integration testing.

My favorite automation testing platform is Codeception combined with Atlassian - Bamboo is .

Codeception is fairly easy to extend and very powerful.

I have experience with and currently use Atlassian JIRA to plan, track, and release code changes.

Lastly but far from least, Version Control has been a critical factor in my career. I use and recommend Bitbucket as it gives me full control of my code.

Development, Frameworks & Ecommerce

I have studied web development and database logic since 2001 and I have worked full time as an IT Technician since the beginning of 2006. I have worked on a range of web sites from personal, small business, e-commerce, all the way up to enterprise level sites. I have completed work in all aspects of Internet services, including AWS services, domain, DNS, and hosting management.

I develop using Symfony mostly, as it provides the ability to develop tests, console scripts, and code applications all in one bundle. It is my favorite PHP framework. I experience with and have developed using Codeignighter and WordPress also.

I have set up eCommerce sites using Sylius, Open Cart, XCart, PayPal, and other frameworks.